Defects in epitaxial ScGaN: Dislocations, stacking faults, and cubic inclusions

Knoll, S. M. and Rhode, S. K. and Zhang, S. and Joyce, T. B. and Moram, M. A.


The characteristic defect microstructure of epitaxial wurtzite ScxGa1−xN films on GaN was investigated. Threading dislocations in ScxGa1−xN are inclined with respect to [0001] to relieve in-plane compressive strains. However, increased densities of I1-type basal plane stacking faults and nanoscale lamellar zinc-blende inclusions in the (0001) plane occur with increasing x, in contrast to ScxAl1−xN. This behaviour occurs because the formation energy of the zinc-blende phase is close to that of the wurtzite phase for low Sc-content ScxGa1−xN but not for ScxAl1−xN.

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