Growth of epitaxial thin films of scandium nitride on 100-oriented silicon

Moram, M A and Novikov, S V and Kent, A J and Norenberg, C and Foxon, C T and Humphreys, C J


A series of 100-oriented ScN films was grown under N-rich conditions on 100-oriented Si using different Sc fluxes. The ScN films grew in an epitaxial cube-on-cube orientation, with [0 0 1]ScN//[0 0 1]Si and [1 0 0]ScN//[1 0 0]Si, despite the high (11%) lattice mismatch between ScN and Si. The film grain size increases and the film ω-FWHM decreases with increasing Sc flux, but the film roughness increases. Films grown under similar conditions on 111-oriented Si resulted in mixed 111 and 100 orientations, indicating that the 100 orientation is favoured both due to texture inheritance from the substrate and due to the growth conditions used.

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