The Use of Spatial Analysis Techniques in Defect and Nanostructure Studies

Moram, M A and Gabbai, U E and Sadler, T C and Kappers, M J and Oliver, R A


Spatial analysis techniques were used to investigate defects and nanostructures in the III-nitride system. Dislocations in GaN films were distributed nonrandomly, forming both short-scale and large-scale linear arrays aligned along ⟨11-20⟩. Both low-density InGaN/GaN quantum dots (QDs) and In droplets on the surface of InAlN films were in spatially random positions and showed no spatial autocorrelation, but high-density InGaN/GaN QDs showed a tendency toward short-range ordering and all features showed a nonrandom size distribution. The spatial arrangements of defects and nanostructures relate to their generation processes and may also affect device properties.

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